Elmo's World

Whoa! What FUN!!! Another Halloween behind us and one tired Elmo:). Nate was a little weired out at first by his costume (in fact he would not pose for a pic...he kept saying"No cheese") But once Wally got into his he thought it was hilarious. He was also a little trepidatious about going door to door (especially when the first one gave him Animal Crackers (boo!!) J/K) Once he got candy in his bucket he was good as gold. His favorite phrase was "more fun" as we moved house to house and "tricky treat" when we went up to the door. Mimi and G-dad did the rounds with us and Nate LOVED that. Elmo was also able to wish Nana & Paw paw a Happy Halloween on the phone! Nate had SO much fun and I hope you and yours had a spooky and safe Halloween!

Here is a video of nate (I know you can't see him) But you can hear him say "more fun" :)

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

WOW Nate you looked AWESOME! We are so glad that you had a happy halloween. It looks like you made a haul!!! We love you Nate-Dog!!!

Team Carroll said...

"More fun, Mommy...More fun!!"...So adorable!! His costume is so stinkin' cute! Nate makes a great Elmo!! I love it!! It looks like you guys had a blast! I wish we all lived in the same neighborhood so our boys could trick-or-treat together! Love it!!!