Keno BABY!!!

I Love Keno, but more than Keno, I LOVE hanging with my girls! What a better way to do this but with yummy food, fun gifts & drinks of course :) We had a GREAT time last night! I didn't win anything...but I love to entertain so who cares!!! The girls were crazy and funny as usual and I can't wait to see what everyone brings in November. I wish I had gotten better pics, but you know how it is when your with friends...time just flies by and pics get forgotten. Don't worry they are all in my head and "I have batteries" :). Thanks to everyone for bringing your smiles (and yummies) I loved seeing everybody SO relaxed!!!

Love Ya'll!!!

2 Quick thoughts:

mblance said...

I am so sad that I missed girls night!! I will be there in November, no matter what!!! I was in bed by 8 on Friday night...so exhausted!! Next month I will be back and better than ever!! I can't believe how big Nate is getting...what a cutie!!!

Dawn said...

Hate that I missed it and the opportunity to meet your friends. It looks like you ladies had a great time. We also had fun it Austin!! Love Ya!