If you give a mouse a cookie...

So... if I haven't mentioned I LOVE my team and I love my school!

I love my girlies (Keno shout-OUT!), I love my class, I love the fact that I teach the most AWESOME grade out there, and I love that our school gets to have FUN!!!!

Every year we get a whole week of craziness for the love of books. One day out of the week we always get to dress-up as our favorite book character, and if you know me this means CHALLENGE each year:)

First Year - Mrs. Wishy Washy

Second Year - Miss Viola Swamp (that was FUN!)

and this year...

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...

I have to say I think that this has been the best yet! Why you ask?

Well because I had partners in crime!!!

Here they are:

If You Give a Pig a Pancake & If You Take a Mouse to the Movies

Fun I KNOW!!!

Piggy you so CRAAAAZZZYY!

I just LOVE IT!!!

Best Team Leader EVER!!! I heart U CARA :)

YES! Friends that IS a tail you see (hee,hee)

Here are some pics of the shirt that I made, I miss doing crafts, this was fun!

Wanted: Pictures of Horton, Dora, Princess and the Pea, etc... If your out there send me the pics so I can post them. I HATE when I don't have the camera handy:) Love ya'll!

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Wow, you guys looks GREAT!!! Oh I hope Gracie's kindergarten class is just half as much fun as yours is. Nice job ladies!!!

Team Carroll said...

GREAT costume choice!! LOVED it! Your craft project was seriously too cute :) Of course, you are the queen of creativity, so I would have expected nothing less. Can't wait to see what we'll think of next year ;)