Merry Christmas EVE!!!

This is our year to stay in Dallas for Christmas, it is always a little hard and I miss my family sooo much. I am really lucky though to have GREAT in laws and that their Christmas is VERY similar to the one we have in Austin.

Today started out with us loading down the car and heading to the NEW TAYLOR home to make cookies for SANTA. Nate was SO excited and I think Gracie and Gwynie were too. When we arrived we went right to work. The kiddos stayed interested for a pretty long while, and at the end we had them open their gifts to one another. Thanks for the Firetruck!!!

Click to play Santa+Cookies

After we were done in Frisco we headed to the family service at church. We love this service now that Nate is a little older because they have the kiddos go up to the front and listen to the stories and then we sing A LOT of songs. Nate was pretty tired...SO he had a couple of break downs. First he thought that the service was over after the story and told his dad to "come on" and started walking out, then he didn't understand why he couldn't have the bread and wine at Eucharist and finally he didn't want us to sing the last song (He was DONE) So Tony took him out for the last 5 minutes or so (Note to self: If Nate is going to make cookies before church have him take a nap!) It was still really nice and we think it will be very different next year!

When Church let out it was off to Mimi and G-dad's house. We had a great time and Nate was really exited about the presents. He napped through dinner and was bright and cheery by the time the presents came into play.

Mimi and Nate

G-dad and Nate

Tickle me Elmo Extreme from Aunt Chris and Uncle Tim

Magna Doodle from Mama and Dada

Nate with MA MA

You so silly Aunt Chris!!!

A train from Mimi and G-dad

And... a watch from MA MA!!!

So after we were done at Mimi and G-dad's we headed home to set out cookies and milk for the big guy himself. Nate didn't understand that the cookies were NOT for him :)

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