What a wonderful time of the year...

We were very lucky this last week before Christmas to have Aunt Dawn, Uncle Lance, Gracie and Gwynie all at our house while they were awaiting their house to be finished. Need I say that Nathan was in HOG HEAVEN ALL WEEK!!! He absolutely LOVES his cousins, so he had NO problem with them staying at our house. The house was full and gleaming with Christmas spirit! We ALL had a very busy week, between the last week of school before break, Tony finishing up a consulting deal, Dawn and Lance signing on their new home and ALL of us trying to get that very important shopping done we were able to get some fun shots in of the kiddos. Enjoy!!!

Cooking with Nana

WOW! The vanilla really makes a difference!

Lunch with Nana and PawPaw!
Gwynie! You SO funny!!!

Way to go GRACIE!!!

Best of friends!!!

This is something that Nate and Gracie both LOVE...Singing!!!

I'm so glad that our week fell right before Christmas! It was AWESOME having ya'll :)

Love ya'll!!!

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