A night in the life of Nathan

I believe that one of Nathan's favorite parts of the day is night time. Don't get me wrong he LOVES Abir and Adam during the day, but night time is when we are together as a family and Nate gets to be Nate!!! He has really blossomed in the last few weeks. He is talking so well (ex. I don't like that mama, I eat sandwich) We hear this example ALOT!!! Nathan is VERY independant! We don't know where he got this from ;) Nathan is even going potty at least once a night in the potty now! GO NATE! He LOVES to play with Wally, read, watch Elmo and play upstairs, oh and eat sandwiches (Lord help us).

I think the biggest thing that has changed about Nate is his sense of humor. He has really come to understand the reason people laugh and has taken this concept an ran with it! He made us laugh one time in the car when we were of course talking about what...no other than who poops (BOYS!!!) Well he said "ChooChoo Poo Poo" and taken aback by this we laughed like any new parent would do (newbies take note) What do you think Nathan says now every time he gets into trouble he's bored or we give him a stern look...you guessed it! Choo Choo Poo Poo!!! AWwwwESOoooME! (said in my Kathy voice :)

This probably is small in the grand sceme of things, but I feel like he is playing the "who can say it louder before you get caught game"- you know the middle school game everyone played with the P word :)! I'm just waiting for someone to ask "Did your son just say 'Choo Choo Poo Poo'?" and of course Nate would say "I won"!!! Silly Nate :)!

We are worried about his eating. He eats alot of what he likes and NOTHING new. If you have experience with this we would LOVE to hear suggestions :)! Nathan is so good with everything else that this has kinda thrown us off.

Nate is really good with his letters, numbers, and shapes! We are still working on his colors BUT he is just getting to where he enjoys coloring. We are thinking of taking Nate to his first movie soon maybe to the Veggie Tales new movie, he LOVES them and pirates so we think that it would be a good one.

So here are some pictures of Nate at night I think you will see what I mean...

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Dawn said...

I think Nate is definately ready for a "big kid" movie. And even if he doesn't like it...you just try again in a couple of months.