“Everyone has a "best friend" during each stage of life-only a precious few have the same one.”

Setting: On the way home from "school"

Characters: Nate and Mama

Nate: I wanna go to your school mama

Mama: Baby mama has been at school all day...she is tired of school

Nate: The kids make you tired

Mama: Yes Sweet Pea I guess the kiddos do make me tired

Nate: Why the kiddos make you tired?

Mama: Well...they aren't as good as my Nate

Nate: I a good boy...I a big boy...Adam good, Adam my friend

Mama: I am glad that Adam is your friend

Nate: You my friend mama

Mama (trying not to pull the car over and hug the dickens out of Nate): That makes mama's heart VERY happy Nate!!! Mama loves you, you are my best friend!

Nate: No Dada is my best friend mama...Dada my best friend

Mama: Nate I think that will make dada's heart jump!

Tony is never happier than when Nate is around

They really get each other

I couldn't image a better dada

He truly adds another shade of brightness to Tony's face!

You can tell Nate truly trusts Tony

Nate and Tony dancing at our annual friday Wright gala :)

It is awesome to see the man you pick out to be your best friends for life become such an AWESOME father! I truly could not have asked for Nathan to answer any differently back to my statement. I KNOW they are best friends and it is the most wonderful thing EVER!!!



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mblance said...

This story totally melts my heart!! What a sweet boy! We miss you guys....we need to all get together soon!! Maybe to finish that Bible study we started.....