Fellowship, Food, Flies & Fun!

Let me set up the scene... Beautiful day, the smell of the grill in the background and flies as far as the eye can see! We have tried everything and they just love us too much. On Saturday we had our small group over for some much needed fellowship. It was an absolute BLAST!!! Tony made some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, and the Jecko's and Morrison's brought some awesome sides. Tony and I found a cute little fruit and veggie stand on HW78 (Gotta love Wylie) so we chowed down on some yummy fruit! I don't think I have ever had a juicier watermelon. The kids really enjoyed hanging out in the pool and played together really well. They are all SO sweet. They communicate with one another and make sure that the other is having fun. It was a blast watching them together. Thanks for the idea Holly!

No picture MAMA!!!
The cook!
Just hanging out :)
AE pulls everyone...
straight to the swings!
Nate doing the "ROBOT"
I know aren't they too cute for words!

The three boys
Play time!
Holly with the kiddos


Nothing funnier than Nate dancing!

Playing the drum


AE took "you can play with anything in there to heart...silly AE''

How many almost three year olds do you know that play this well together?

Smiley Jonathan!

Christine and Holly with the newest members!

Everyone just hanging out!

I know how you feel Beckham...look at that face!!!

Hugs Bye Bye...Everyone...AWWAWW

Nate before bedtime...he looks SO old!

Daddy and Nate!

Our friends, The Jeckos, are moving to North Carolina and we are so excited for them! They will be missed and I know we will keep in touch!
WE LOVE Ya'll!!!
P.S - Didn't get a picture of AE with ya'll :) Next time!


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