Happy Birthday LJ!!!

We went Saturday to The Carroll's house to celebrate LJ's 1st birthday. Nate had a great time and even went down the "big kid slide!" I don't want to put up too many pics before Cara gets a chance, but here are a couple. Hope you had a great B-Day LJ! Thanks for having us!!!

We had to leave a little early because we had plans to go and see Kung-Fu Panda...which was great...but a little old for Nate. He did pretty well, but felt that there were "lot of sad parts." The end was pretty funny for him:) He had 2 McDonalds toys (the panda and the cane) and every time the panda would enter the scene Nate would hold him up and say, "you see you panda." Way too cute!
Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting...


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