"I wanna see Parker"

These are the words that have rang through our house every week. Parker is a friend of Nate's from Abir's house, but is also the son of some close friends of ours. So Tony and I called Carrie and Bart up to let them know that Nate kept asking for Parker. Come to find out Parker had been asking for Nate and so Carrie and Bart had us over tonight so the boys could play together. It was SO much fun watching them play and giggle! I could listen to that sound all the time. They really play now. No more I have toy, you have toy...NO...they were dogs, boys camping and telling ghost stories(seriously!), and so much more. This was just the first of many playdates this summer I am sure! Thank Carrie, Bart & Parker for having us over-The house is Gorgeous!!!


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