4th of July at The Jumping "J" Ranch

The weekend started on Thursday when I received a call from Abir, she told me that Nate had his hat on and was looking out the window saying "My dada comin and pickin me up and we gonna go fish and ride on horsies!" I talked to him and explain that yes we were going to the ranch, but we would have to sleep one more night before we would be able to go. His reply was "No morrow...I not tired...I go fishing and ride horsies!" Friday couldn't get here fast enough!!!

Fourth of July was absolutely fabulous!!! We headed down to "The Ranch" on Friday morning with Nate hardly able to stay in his seat. Nana and Aunt Sue Sue had been planning this annual weekend for the last month and had TONS of activities in their toolbelt for the kids (of all ages). We were the first ones at the ranch so we were able to show Nate around. He enjoyed every second of it!!! It the video at the bottom you will be able to see many of the things that we saw on our "nature walk" plus many other activities that are highlighted :)

Here are a few pictures that just had to stand alone!

Tony traded stories with ACE. I think Ace is going to take his act on the road!!!
Nana and Paw brought a pool for the kiddos and it definetly came in handy! Gracie and Gwynie's cousin was in for the week and joined in the fun with us!!!

What is 4th of july with out homemade icecream?!?!?

Fishin' with dada

Just a good ol'boy
Nate was able to ride 'all by myself 'Jackie took Nate into the pasture to chase the cows...Nate thought that was the neatest thing EVER!!!
All the kiddos made pizza for dinner (we had yummy BBQ)
We were treated to a concert with the band "Rock & Roll"
Smor's anyone?
Had to have fireworks! The county had a burn ban so we could only use fireworks that stayed on the ground ;)

Fourth of July was absolutely Fabulous!!! Thank you Aunt Sue Sue, Nana, PawPaw & Uncle Jack! This Fourth of July will definetly go down in the books!!!

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2 Quick thoughts:

mblance said...

How fun! Nate looks like he was having a great time!!

Dawn said...

We had a great time with you guys! Love the new layout!!!