I'm a big kid now!!!

Nate asked Santa for 2 big gifts this year {a bike and a red scooter} and even though we explained that sometimes Santa brings only 1 large gift that silly Santa delivered BOTH to Nate for Christmas!!! I knew there may be a chance since Nate is SUCH a good boy ALL the time, but WOW!!!

Nate first decided on what he was going to ask Santa for while walking through Toys R Us, and what turned out to be a {I know what I want to ask Santa for} moment, was at first a tearful one for Mama.

I was all comfy with watching my little pumpkin on his "trike" at Mimi and G-Dads {man can he move on that thing!}

But nothing prepared me for Nate climbing on a "big boy bike" and riding it all around the store!!!
It has taken a little bit of practice on both his scooter and bike but he is getting down pretty well!!! I even had to jog a little to catch up with him on the way to our park :)

He has even started to take his hands off of the handle bars {YIKES}!!!
How am I going to do this with 2 boys?!?!?

Look Mama...NO HANDS...Or EYES!!!!

And yes, I am full aware that I am on a bike...He has NO idea that this is the ONLY bike Mama will ride :)

How do you say No to this face?!?!?!


3 Quick thoughts:

Team Carroll said...

Okay...I know this is a "Nate" post and all, but seriously...the pics of both on the bike and the scooter are some of my favorite yet! I seriously just lost bladder control. Seriously though...SUPER cute post! LOVE IT!!!

Dawn said...

He is growing up TOO fast...make him stop! After he gets going good on the bike, maybe he can give his mama some lessons. ;)

FosterFam said...

so i couldn't remember what you said your blog was when i saw you downtown in mckinney....but now I found you :)