Pickles & Ice Cream...Anyone?

Food cravings {From Wikipedia}

A food craving is an intense desire to consume a particular food, as opposed to food in general. Food cravings are especially common in people following structured diet plans, and often interfere with the best of intentions to adhere to a particular style of eating.
Foods with higher sugar glucose, such as chocolate, are often more craved than foods with lower sugar glucose, such as broccoli.
Food cravings are also commonly seen in pregnant women.

My cravings started off as simple items that just HAD to be in my fridge at ALL times:

1. Fruit - Oranges, Grapes {green}, Strawberries, Bananas & Apples {yes-these were, at times, consumed together}

2. Peanut Butter - Not so much now with the whole scare, but how I LOVE my PB & Banana Sandwich!

3. Cherry Sours - now this one had to be brought in from Austin, if you have never had Lammes Candies in Austin, Texas, you haven't tasted candy. I could sit down to 3lbs. of these babies!!!

They then moved on to the restaurants favorites:
Pappadeaux {Fried Crawfish}

Naan {The Mt. Fuji} P.S - Not sure if this one is done!!!

I even took my family once a week to Maggiano's to have the Chicken Truffle pasta {Can't remember the full name, but mourned when they removed it from the Chefs menu} If you can get the recipe for me there might be something in it for you!!!
Tonight the cravings headed toward the more familar.
The Problem: The person who can make it...lives 4 hrs away!!!

The Craving: Homemade chocolate cake {Mmmm}

The Solution: Have a Mommy & Nate {and Duncan Hines} meet in the kitchen.

The Outcome: Well...I am not over the craving {it just can't be fulfilled through a box.

But, look at this face~


2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

I am surprised you craved Chocolate cake. I figured it would be confetti cake with white icing. It must have been Wacky cake you were craving.

Cara said...

SO...is it weird that I was totally salivating over that pic of the cake. I mean, I could actually taste it. AMAZING. 30 weeks and the countdown is ON. O.M.G. Love ya, girl!!!