29 and Holding...

As I sat at teacher table doing assessments today I was surprised to hear the most precious voice yell, "MAMA!!!"
In ran Nate, followed by daddy who was carrying the prettiest set of flowers EVER. Nate had gone and picked them out with daddy and they could not have been more beautiful.


Nate LOVES coming up to school while the kiddos are there and had to go around and found out what each of them was doing :) Little Cutie! What an AWESOME way to start the day!

But it only got better...

I had told Tony that on my birthday I wanted to stay home and play games as a family. So I had planned on going by the store on my way home to gather stuff for dinner. To my surprise Tony was already at the store when I called him! I had showed him a recipe in Food & Wine magazine (One of the BEST mags out there) a couple of weeks ago. It read as if it would be delicious. Well what did Tony make?

You have here Chicken Sofrito -

I know it makes your mouth water doesn't it! (I know, I know...you just LOVE our china!)

If you click on the link you can find the recipe...it will definetly be added to our family's rotation :) IT WAS AWESOME!!!!
So what was left? {Note to Cara - Beware - Just know they are plastic}
The game of course! Nate chose to play Flipping Frogs, which was a Santa gift.
{This game also has the potential to be an AWESOME drinking game ~~I'm just saying}
Object of game: To flip the most frogs onto the tree before the buzzer. {Did I mention the tree is moving}
Who wins? The frog that can hold on when the tree POPS at the end!
Problem : This game is completely addictive!!!

I WIN! Um...good job guys ;)

"Don't do it...Please I beg you..."

It was funny. I looked around the table and we each set our frogs up differently.

Here is my setup. Each has a place in which they know they are next.

Nate kept his in a nice, neat row!

Here is Tony's...No worries honey...I hear that frogs are hard to control ;) Love you!

The tree has to be pressed down pretty hard to get it to start.

Nate LOVES to help Daddy!

The frogs decided to work together at the end to build a pyramid...aren't they cute :)

At the end of the game...

We each enjoyed a piece of the birthday pie!
Thank you all for your birthday wishes & thank you Tony and Nate - you made it better than ever!
Love ya'll!
If 29 is this good maybe I won't hold on to it.
I mean don't they say it only gets better with age!!! {or is that cheese}


2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Looks like you had a great birthday!! See you tonight for part 2. Love you!

The Lance Family said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great one! I miss you...we all need to get together soon for a little gossip session!!