At last, we meet for the first time for the last time ~ Lone Star (Spaceballs)

Think back to your childhood...

Is there a food that you can remember that you really thought you would NEVER taste agian???

Me too!!!

That is until Nate and I were walking through Walmart and I just happened to turn down the icecream isle (heehee), and there in front of me was the one thing that I REALLY thought they had stopped making...


I let out a slight yelp, Nate looked up at me and said,"you o.k mama?"

"Yes Sweet Pea, do you know what this is?" (Reaching into the freezer)

"ICECREAM!!!!!" (Nate is now jumping up and down)

"This isn't JUST ICECREAM Nate...This is Mama's all time Favorite popscicles EVER!"

It amazing what memories a special treat from childhood can bring back.

I found an old commercial when Cosby did them:) I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. ~ Just had to use this title for this blog...I actually remember sitting, eating a pudding pop and watching Spaceballs...Ahhh, memories!

Oh, my favorite? The SWIRL of course!


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Team Carroll said...

Mmmmmmm....my mouth is seriously watering. All I can see is Bill Cosby in my head right now. Great. I'm sure I'll be dreaming about him tonight...right after I send Adam to the store to buy me a box of my own!!! SO delish!!!!!!!