No turning back now!

So we went and did it! We put our house up FOR SALE!!! We have only had one showing so far, but hope for more now that Spring Break is over.

Tony and I found an awesome place to build in Allen and although there is just NO way to get our large backyard anywhere but Wylie we just never found ourselves here. We are SO excited about this new adventure and hope that our house sales quickly so they can get started on our new home!

Reasons for the sale:

1. We will be WAY closer to our Church!

2. We will be WAY closer to my sis and fam!

3. We will be WAY closer to Tony's parents!

4. We will be WAY closer to many of our friends and family!!!

5. There is a Super Target right across 75!

Well #5 isn't a HUGE reason but I think you get the point :) We are NEVER home! Hopefully this will allow for MORE entertaining!


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