Respect the VAN!

You can't just drive a minivan you have to {own} the minivan!
To own it, you HAVE to respect it!
As my husband tells me {minivans are like mopeds ~ fun to drive until someone sees you}

Here are the top five reasons I must now respect the van ~

#5 ~ SOOOO much easier to park than my Armada

#4 ~ Automatic EVERYTHING

#3 ~ I saw another BOYMOM {she was wearing the shirt} struggle to get her family in her suburban while we were already in and waiting {sidenote~need to get that shirt~WAY cute}

#2 ~ I won't get lost anymore {Nav} and {this is a BIGGIE} it has voice command for the DVD player {life saver}

and the #1 reason I now Respect The Van ~ Nate can put himself in, buckle & close the door! {WooHoo}

Own it, but most of all...


1 Quick thoughts:

The Lance Family said...

Love the new minivan!!! Hondas are the best....have always owned one. I love my Pilot!!