The 1st that I've been waiting for!

Nathan has had tons of firsts. His first time to sleep through the night, his first bottle, his first tooth, his first word (Dada), his first step, and his first haircut. But tonight I was able to hear the first that I have been waiting for...that's right, he said I LOVE YOU!!!! He has tons of words and phrases and I was just waiting for these three precious words to be spoken, and tonight I got to here him say them for the first time!!!

I told you my son thinks he's a dog!

This is just another example :)

We LOVE YOU Nate!!

Love Mama and Dada!

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Cara said...

Nate, why are you so cute? Favorite picture...first one!! You have got to have the most adorable smile!! I know mommy is SUPER proud of you & your 'love you' made her day :)