My son thinks he's a DOG!!!!

O.k! So I know that Nate is at the stage of coping and mimics EVERYTHING we do. (Yes EVERYTHING, it will really make you look at yourself differently.) Yesterday I was watching him chase Wally (our westie) around the living room. This is a nightly ritual and usually can keep him pretty busy, that is unless Wally decides to chase him. I would usually say that this is something that was not really blog worthy, but what happened next will be told to girlfriends for years!

Nate started to crawl on all fours and chase him...oh, it gets better. He then crawls over to his sock, bends down and PICKED UP HIS SOCK WITH HIS MOUTH!!!! LIKE WALLY!!!!

Great! My son thinks he's a DOG!

(Or maybe our dog is way to close to being treated like a human)

Later Nate and I were dancing and he started calling Wally's name until he came over. Nate then had me pick Wally up and dance with him.

My son thinks he's a dog AND makes sure EVERYONE (or dog) is having fun, all in one day!

What a proud parent!

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