Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

Nate and I want to wish Daddy a special HAPPY Father's Day! If anyone reads Tony's weekly article at search engine watch http://searchenginewatch.com/showPage.html?page=3625851 you know that Tony wanted to Smoke this Father's day! Well...he GOT IT! We didn't get to use it yet since it was a rainy Father's Day :( But I know when it is all set up we are going to eat some outstanding meat!

I really wanted to blog today to let Tony know just how special he is to us! Tony you are not a NORMAL daddy! Oh no! You are up for EVERYTHING!!! You help in everyway with ALL the daily parenting tasks. You wake up in the morning and get Nate ready, then take Nate to daycare, after work you come home to us and play with Nathan and usually cook dinner!!!!

This is just the little thing that you do Tony. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband! You are the reason that I stay calm and my life is as nonhectic as a mom of a year and a half year old can be :) We LOVE you Daddy and could not be the family we are without you!!!

We LOVE YOU Daddy!!!!!

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Cara said...

YAY!! Tony's "subtle" hints really worked! The pics are too cute!!