Daddy daycare!?!

Today was my check-up from the D&C. Everything looked good and I got to talk to the doctor about lots of things that I had on my mind. She decided that I would get my tests today and then look at Tony's later. They drew 12 test tubes of blood!!! Crazy! Thankfully I got someone who knew what they were doing so I didn't bruise. They said it should take 2-3 weeks to get the results back, so we will keep you in the know:)
So while I was at the doctor daddy had to pull double duty. We put Nate upstairs to play in the gameroom while Tony worked in his office. His office is off the gameroom, this will be important to know in just a second. Nate came in and got a piece of Styrofoam from daddy's new monitor. Tony figured he would build with it or something.
Then it got quiet...so quiet Tony thought that Nate had fallen asleep. (Yep...this kind of quiet is NEVER good!)

We call this daddy daycare:)!

Oh...well that's o.k, markers belong on this :)

Well not here, but at least it washes

O.k that explains the Styrofoam...at least it isn't the furn(@$!%^&)

NICE! and Nathan you ask?!?

He didn't forget himself...nope

Oh No

Hulk? No Nathan

Is it Harry Potter? Nope still Nate ;)

This will definitely go down in the books! :)

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Dawn said...

Oh...I LOVE IT!!! That is great. Sorry about your couch though.