Everybody poops!

O.k, Nate is officially obsessed with poop talk. Every time we change Nate's diaper this is the dialog that goes on:
US: Nate do you need to get your diaper changed?
Nate: Ya
US: Yes
Nate: Yes
US: O.k lay down
Nate: Poo poo ucky tinky
US: You didn't poo poo
Nate: Mama poo poos
Nate: Dada poo poos
US: Yep we all poo poo (we thought this would be good for him to understand early in the game)
Nate: Wawie POO POOS! - Bad Wawie (this is what we say when Wally poo poos in the house;)
US: Yep Wawie poo poos
Nate: Nana poo poos, Pawpaw poo poo, racie (Gracie) poo poo
US: Yes Nate we ALL poo poo
Nate: Poo poo ucky, tinky
Nate then has to walk by the restroom and say "bye bye poo poo" (he likes to talk to the toilet)

Well all was good,you know kept as a joke in the family until...

I went to lunch with an ex-student, her mom and brother earlier this week. They joined us at the table and I prompted Nate to say "Hi". Does he show off for mama? Oh, no. He points to the little girl and says "you poo poo". "Great, Grand, Fantstic!"

They look at me with a "what did he say" look. I then have to explain to the little girl and family that Nate is very interested in this topic. NICE! Great lunch talk. Too bad the mom looked at me still with a "that's weird look". Just would of liked a giggle, might have cut the tension :)

Yesterday Nate and I went and got all the essencials for potty training. I'm not planning on using a little toilet (they disgust me and I won't get on that soap box).
We got the small seat covers for 2 of the bathrooms and I plan on starting pretty soon. Hopefully this will help us move on from this subject. I know it will be a real learning experiance for Tony and I. I only hope that it will be one for Nathan aswell. It will probably take awhile, but lets hope for the best!!!
Happy Birthday Cara!!!
It was yesterday, but I didn't blog! Sorry it had to be on the poop blog ;) Love ya!

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Cara said...

Hey...Thanks for the well wishes! Better the poop blog than none at all! I guess I keep good company, eh?