So much to CELEBRATE today!!!

On July 19, 2003 (4 years ago!) I married Mr. Wright!!! Then on July 19, 2005 we were joined by Nathan:) It was the best anniversary gift that I have ever received (although the pearl earrings and nacklace I got when Nate was born from Tony were awesome!) ;) This is such a special day!

I thought that we would share some pictures of some of the things we have done together in the last year:)

Nate at 1!

Halloween (Go Raiders!)

Nates 2nd Christmas

All of us :)

Nate in the tub:)
Sesame Street

Nate Loves MUSIC!

I Love you Tony!!!!
Happy Birthday Nate! We Love You!!!

P.S - Happy B-day Giulia!

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Cara said...

Congratulations! I LOVE anniversaries! I can't wait to hear all about how you guys celebrate this year! Love ya!