What a Wonderful Weekend!

Well our friends from church just left, Nate is OUT and Tony's reading Harry Potter. So I thought I would write about our fast past fun filled weekend!

Our weekend started on Thursday, it was our anniversary and Nathan's birthday. We went out with Aunt Christie, Uncle Tim, Mimi or Mammi (Nathan goes back and forth on what he calls Grammi ;) ) and Grandad to the PURPLE COW! It was a blast! Nate had sooo much fun! And got more birthday gifts from his aunt and uncle. (I might have to open up a toy shop soon :)) Thank you Aunt Christie and Uncle Tim!!! Tony and I also got a little sussy from Carol and Tim, it is a really pretty wine stopper for the dining room that fit in perfect!

Then on Friday night we were able to celebrate our friends up coming marriage at a Hawaiian Luau. Nate really enjoyed running around and playing with the other kiddos that were there and Tony and I loved catching up with many of our friends. On Saturday we went and had a yummy family breakfast and to look at stone that we are going to put down in the back yard. After grocery shopping and playing around Nathan was pooped out so we brought him home to nap. While Nate napped we got ready for our date!!! Aunt Christie and Uncle Tim came over and watched Nate at our house so that we could go and celebrate our anniversary (I know we were sooo excited)!

Tony took me to Silver Fox Steak House (We had the best ribeyes EVER) and then we went and saw I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry!!! (which if I may say so is "pee in your pants funny")

Don't get me wrong Tony and I are not the couple who doesn't go out on dates. We go out a lot, but we never make it to the movie, we always decide we should call some friends or just go home and watch a movie. I was determined that since it had been longer than a year (Devil Wears Prada) that we just HAD to see a movie...and we did!!! It was really good and we got to watch a woman tell off a usher (he asked her to move ONE seat down and she got IN his face and told him that SHE got here early to get her seat and if they wanted a good seat then they should have gotten there earlier). I usually would have looked at her with shock but had she moved down I would not have been able to prop my feet up ;) Sorry but I am 5'8" and it still hard for me to reach the floor in the theaters! Other than that it was a VERY enjoyable night! Thanks again Christie and Tim!!!

Today we woke up and went to church. Nate had to join us after the sermon because of the birthday blessings (Tony and Nathan) and then Tony and I were blessed for our anniversary. It is funny how you never notice how loud your child can be until you are in that type of situation :) Lets see...Nate laughed when we first entered and Tony could here him in the middle of the Church, then pointing at the alter during the breaking of the bread saying MAMA, MAMA!, and finally he started clapping after one of the songs :) He so silly!!!

After Church we went to the store and came home to get ready for tonight. It was a such a great ending to the week...or great beginning how ever you look at it... we had alot of fun! Our small group came over and we were able to eat some scrumptious food (Tony smoked a Boston Butt and a Brisket...YUM), chat, and take tons of photos of the kiddos playing! Everyone also surprised Tony with a cake and a awesome gift of two great gift certificates! They were too sweet!

Here are some of the pictures from this weekend and Nate's 2 year picks I got the other weekend...Enjoy!

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