Wow! Was this weekend a BLAST! We celebrated Nate's 2nd birthday with our family and friends. We could not have asked for better weather or food (thanks honey...best BBQ ever)and everything went off without a hitch. Tony and I got our little monkey a swingset, sand and water table and a picnic table for outside:) It has already gotten TONS of use and Nate absolutly LOVES it! Our friends and family were so sweet to come and celebrate, they were also way too generous with all the treasures that Nate got:) Although I think the chicken will have to find a new home HAHAHA (Payback is SOOOO sweet Nick and Rosie)! Nate has been playing NONE STOP with everything! And the choo choo got him in the tub!!!!

This is AWESOME Mama!!!!

Yeah! Cake!!!

WWWEEEEEE!!!! Choo! Choo!

Bestfriends! Parker is the coolest!!!

We LOVE water!!!!

Summer Romance?

Tony is now worried about what I am going to spend my time off doing:) I told him no worries I will find something...he said that is what worries him;) I don't know what he means by that!


Come on Nate get in!

Just hanging out!!! Wait is that a picture of mammi in the background?

We really did have an awesome time! Thank you EVERYONE for all that you did to make this party a success!!! Grandad we would not have gotten everything built in time without you, and Mammi that potato salad was delicious! Thanks and we love ya'll!

Thanks Grandad!

Nana I think this was one of your best cakes yet AND we didn't have any problems...maybe my curse is over. Pawpaw thanks for being there with your tools ready and getting all the new toys up and ready to play with! Thank You!!! We love ya'll!!!!

Ahoy Mateys!

Good cake! Yummy Nana!!!

Pawpaw and Nate!

Nana and Gwenie!

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Dawn said...

The girls had a blast! You did such a great job putting everything together. Mark it off as another success!!!