Oh the places you'll go!

Nate is EVERYWHERE now! He has truelly turned out to be our little monkey:) He wants to climb, climb, climb!!! This is why for his birthday we got him TONS of little tikes stuff for outside play, it arrives friday and WE can't wait (PICS to come). I thought I might put some pictures on here that shows exactly what I am talking about. Enjoy!

Nigh,Nigh Mama luv u!

Before the next pic I have to add a disclaimer: No child or dog was harmed during the taking of this picture...Nate decided to try out Wally's room while Tony and I were cooking:)

Yep! My son thinks he's a dog!

See! I told you I could fit!

Nate, you so silly! That's the coffee table!

This is the smile you get when they learn to say cheese when you get out the camera:)

We also wanted to wish Mammi a Happy B-day! Hope it was a fun one!!!

We love ya!!!

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Dawn said...

I love Nate's lightening bolt...too cool!