National Night Out!

Nate Walking Wally

Nate went to his sitters for the first time in awhile today while I went up to school to work. He seems to really enjoy being with the other kiddos, but man is it AWESOME when they run to YOU when you pick them up. He has grown SO much! He knows at least 9 letters and just tonight he pointed out both an /H/ and an /8/ for the first time!!! Our little genius :) Hee,Hee

Tonight was "National night out" and our neighborhood held a block party. So, after dinner we took a walk to our pool. Nate loved his ride in his little red car and thought it was really funny when he got to walk Wally (he actually walks Wally ALOT but laughs every time he does it...poor Wally).

Toot,Toot,Chugga,Chugga (sing with us)

The engine was on and really loud = not happy Nate

Maybe I should of gotten the picture Before he played :)

Mommy and Nate

3 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had a good time. I love the pic of Nate holding wally's leash. I have never once taken a picture of Marty on his leash...once it is on there is no standing still. ;)

Dianna Brannan said...

What a beautiful family! It makes us very proud. I had a feeling of "old time" home town. What a wonderful experience for nate. Love Nana & Pawpaw

Dianna Brannan said...

I'm still trying to get the knack of posting comments. I always have to enter everything twice. Sorry, I'm a slow learner.
it looks like y'all had a great time. I got the feeling of "old time" home town. What a wonderful experience for nate! Love you all Mom & Dad