Let's hear it for A town!!!

Tony had a Bachelor party to attend this weekend with some of his buds, so Nate and I traveled down to Austin. This was the first trip Nate and I had made together as JUST US. I was a little worried and Nate had no idea of what was going on. Perfect!

Nate did AWESOME!!! He slept almost the entire time and then woke up ready to watch more ELMO :) He was really excited that we were going to see Nana and Pawpaw! And we had a blast!

Pawpaw & Nate

Making ice cream w/ Nana and Pawpaw

mmmmmm China cafe

This will do!

Nana, Uncie Mike, Nate, and Pawpaw at lunch

I love that Nana!!!

Uncie Mike is my bud

It has to be here somewhere, Pawpaw

Are you holding on to me?!?
It's making what?
It's a secret recipe mama
ummy (yummy) Nana, it good!!!
That garfield, he so funny!!!
These guys are great!!!

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Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Love the pics!