Balloon Festival here we come!!!

Tony, Nathan and I went to the balloon festival tonight with the girlie's from work. Cara & Landon and Lauren & Pedro ! We had a BLAST!!! It was so pretty! We couldn't have asked for better weather, and it really wasn't very crowded :) If you know me, you know we headed straight for the corn dogs (YUMMMMM!) It was delicious and of course drowned in mustard. There were A LOT of kiddos there from school and we had fun seeing the out of the classroom :)

The girls - Lauren on the left and Cara on the right!

Nate was really excited :)Daddy & Nate
The best I could do...hope it gives you the picture
It keeps going and going...

Nate with his balloon!

Ducks...and of course what does he win...

a HUGE hammer (AWESOME!)

Of course you can't leave without getting a neon rope:)

Thanks Cara, Landon, Lauren & Pedro! We had too much fun!

2 Quick thoughts:

Team Carroll said...

We had SO much fun too!! Thanks for letting us tag along!! It's always fun being the 5th wheel ;) And seriously...those corn dogs were crazy good!!!! Can we do it again next year?!?! Love ya!

Dawn said...

That looks like you guys had a great time! I love that Nate won a hammer that is bigger than he is...AWESOME!!! Missed you at the scrapbook weekend.