Nathan ate meat!!!

I know your all probably thinking SO WHAT!!! But, this was a BIG thing! Tony (being the awesome husband he is) made us dinner when we got home. Meatloaf (YUM!) for us and nuggets for Nate. Nathan is really enjoying Ketchup these days and all he has been doing is using his food as a ketchup spoon (gross I know). Well tonight was another milestone...Nate actually ate his food! It is amazing what parents do when their child eats what you cook for them :) (if you were a fly you might have seen dancing)Go NATE!

On another note:
I know I haven't posted in a while so I need to "kathup" on just a few things we have done in the last two weeks. So here it goes...

I will start with the later and work my way up:)

Weekend before last we attended two birthday parties (One of which I have already posted) and the second was for our friends little girl Emmilynne (HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMILYNNE!) It was really fun, but Nate did not understand that it wasn't HIS party...thankfully Emmilynne was a great sharer.

After the shower we went to Aunt Dawn and Uncle Lance's house and had dinner (Nate kept asking for "Racie and baby" - "Gracie and Gwenie". We had an awesome time and Nate followed Gracie's every move.

The next week was pretty uneventful ...Oh wait... TONY DECIDED TO GO OUT ON HIS OWN!!! Pretty cool huh! I am really proud of him and I KNOW he will do awesome!

So that brings us to this last weekend. Tech played Rice so we couldn't resist going to Houston to see my BFF of all time Giulia!!! We were able to see thier beautiful home and their precious little one - Lindey. We are so excited for ya'll! They are expecting a new little one :)
The game was HOT but fun (once we found shade)! Tech beat Rice and I do mean Beat Rice ;)
It was a Really Fun Weekend! Thanks Morvans!!!

When we got back into town my parents were in Dallas so Nate was able to get a Nana and PawPaw fix ... I think they all really needed it :) It was a great surprise!

So this brings us back to tonight and the fact that Nate ate his dinner :) Hope you enjoyed the ride!!!

What are we doing this weekend - smokin meat and watching Tech of course!!!

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

WAY TO GO NATE!!! We are so proud of you!!!

team carroll said...

I LOVE it! Meat is a super big deal!! Now he can enjoy Mommy's burgers when we go eat at Cheddar's :) LOVE IT!