Fight Raiders Fight!

And they did!!!

Can you believe that SMU thought to put this game on TV?!? 49 to 9...I bet it won't be televised next year:) We had a blast! We got to see old friends and hang out with all our Tech buddies!!! I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON! You can smell it in the air :)

Aunt Chris you SO crazy!
My Aunt Chris makes me laugh!
Aunt Chris and Uncle Tim
Uncle Greggo is AWESOME!!!
My cousins ARE the greatest fans :)

Pre-party at John's Casa

The Bros

And the Victory Bells WILL Ring Out!!!

1 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

You guys looked like you had a great time. Lance and Scott ended up going to the game at the last minute. I watched it on TV and taught Gwynie how to get her guns up!!!