What a CRAZY 2 weeks!!!

After sleeping for two days I finally feel like my old self! The first week of school can take so much out of you. I absolutly LOVE my class! They are so sweet and aim to please. I am hoping to get some pictures up of the classroom like I told everyone I would 2 months ago...but all the pics I have right now have kiddos in them :) So I will post those soon! I do however have a picture of this cutie that stopped by to see mommy while she was busy at work. He LOVES mommies classroom and always says WOW! when he enters.

I hope I haven't ruined him for kinder!!!

I can't post without showing some great picture ops we got when Uncle Alvin and Aunt Laurie came to visit. We all loved having them here in Dallas and Nate REALLY loved the star wars stickers :) Thank you Uncle Alvin and Aunt Laurie!!!

Dinner with everyone!
Aunt Laurie, Gracie & Uncle Lance

Aunt Laurie & Gracie

Uncle Alvin is the coolest!

Miss Gwynie

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!!!


What a FUN night!!!

2 Quick thoughts:

Team Carroll said...

Yay!! A new post!! It's about time girlie!! I can't wait to see the pics of your classroom ;) Well actually, I can't wait for everyone else to see them. It's SOOO cute---as always! PS: I love the picture of Nate in the classroom. Too cute! Love ya!

Dawn said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! I haven't talked to you in SO LONG!!! Call me. We should get together this weekend or something! Love you!!