Funnest weekend EVER!!!

Or at least that is what Nate said :)

What can be more fun than a pumpkin patch?

Answer: Chuck E. Cheese

Nate was able to attend his very first birthday party at Chuck E. Cheeses' this past Sunday. Adam at daycare(Abir's son) turned two. We didn't know how he would do since I thought it was like the Chuck E. Cheese that we frequented growing up. Surprise to us they had really changed the atmosphere and geared it to kiddos his age. We had to lift him up for some of the games but many of them were just right. Also, each game was only 1 token, and almost every game gives you tickets (a must for a 2 year old). Oh...NO large ballpit!!! Sorry they always gross me out at these types of places :)

He really had a lot of fun and was still talking about it today!

Abir and Nate (We LOVE her & so does NATE!!!)

Their favorite ride!


Nate & Adam

They LOVE dancing

Parker and Nate...What are ya'll up to?

This was Nate's Favorite game -he was talking about it tonight-he refers to it as 'baby duck hit' (AWESOME!!!)

This was really neat...they could dance in front of it and it would show them on tv. You can tell that they wanted to see how it worked:)

We love that Nate REALLY enjoys his friends from school and talks about them ALL the way home everyday... it makes everything a little easier;)

P.S - If you want to know how long batteries last...11 months. As I type this Nates toy bench that Santa brought him is upstairs and Elmo keeps yelling "Come build with me & I saw that". All I have to say is CREEPY!!!

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Dawn said...

He looks like he had a BLAST!! Crazy that our kids can have parties at the same places we did 25 years ago!