I Love Fall!!!

O.k so I know that I say it ALL the time, but...I LOVE FALL!!! The smell of the air, the raiders playing football (don't ask about today), the chill in the air that seems to come just when you need it, the colors that surround us, and ALL the great things there are to do with a family(festivals, pumpkin patches, football games, eating on the patio and dancing with your little one to awesome german music) These of course are just some of the things that we enjoy doing, but we have been SO lucky to ALL of them this year:)

This weekend started off to look like it might consist of me staying in bed all weekend (I had to stay home on Friday because of how icky I felt) but midfriday afternoon I started feeling ALOT better, so we headed to MIMI and G-dad's house for Ma Ma (Tony's grandma) 86th Birthday (Shout out to MA MA - Happy Birthday!) Nate really enjoyed hanging out and then we decided to head back to the CASA Wright.

After Nate gave kisses & went down for the night Tony and I were able to relax, drink some wine, and hang out (some might call this a lame friday night, but we love this traditional friday)

Today Tony and I decided to take Nate to the pumpkin patch in Celina (I have to say it was AWESOME!!!) When you arrive they give you feed for the animals (note to mom: don't worry they had hand washing stations EVERYWHERE :)) we thought that Nate would be scared of the animals, but no, he loved feeding all he animals. He would call them over by making their sounds. It was TOO cute! We then went on a hay ride, picked pumpkins, ate a hotdog, and just hung out. We really enjoyed it and we think Nate did too. I hope you enjoy the pics :)


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1 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

That looks so fun...I wish we could have gone. Now we know for next year! I loved Nate's Yuck face. He is such a cutie!!!