Deck the halls with TP?!?!

Well the house is starting to look like Christmas threw up in it!
O.k maybe I wouldn't go THAT FAR, but it is taking shape. We haven't decorated the tree yet, but Nate seems to think that it is time. He went into the restroom tonight and got me some rather interesting decorations. I promise this is how he came up to me!!! He is such a jokester!
If only he would stay still for a second!
I ecorate

Oh toilet paper, Oh toilet paper you are so white and fluffy...

P.S - Hope you caught Charlie Brown tonight! Do you think that the tv channels even realize that it is still November?

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Dawn said...

You're fireplace looks AWESOME!!! I am starting to feel a bit down because I won't be able to decorate this year. At least we will be able to enjoy yours for a week!!!