What a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

When asked what I am Thankful for this holiday it is definitely that I have been so lucky to have God in my life and to see the blessings that have been placed before me! We are so blessed with the family we have. Tony and I both have wonderful parents and siblings, which in turn means one SPOILED Turkey. And one Spoiled TURKEY is what we have!!!

We traveled down to Austin this year for Thanksgiving and had an AWESOME time! It is always nice going home. There is just a feeling of relaxation and joy when you walk through the door (not to mention a sense of hunger that only those who have experienced can enjoy). Dad built his wonderful fires and Mama already had a table full of yummies for us (always making sure to not have made EVERYTHING so that we could build wonderful memories in the kitchen :) Nate really began to enjoy this tradition this year. When he was awake and/or not following PawPaw around he was in the kitchen with Nana. I loved hearing "I watch" and "I do it". Of course I had to capture some pictures :)

Nate and PawPaw have a bond that is hard to describe. They can just look at one another and Nate giggles! So when they began to build the train we had to take pics. PawPaw is SO patient and allows Nate to try EVERYTHING he wishes :)

Thank you Mama and Dad! WE LOVED IT!!! Especially Nate!

Aren't you jealous?!?

Yes this was just one type of cookie!
Beautiful bird!!!

One TIRED little boy!!!

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Dawn said...

It looks like it was a blast...especially for Nate! We missed everyone!!!