Happy New Year!

We brought in 2008 with our good friends 'The Strohs'. They had all of us out at their house. We LOVE going to their house because it is ALWAYS kid friendly. Nate absolutely LOVES it there as well. He is such a social bee...the funny thing is he always hangs out with the older girls. His cousin Gracie is older then him and I think that he enjoys the creative play that they come up with. Well I say that...but we just may have a little Casanova on our hands!

Here Nate is with Emily (also 2) He really enjoyed hanging out with Emily!

Here she is trying to get Maggie to come inside (she is precious!)
Here they are in a "group" photo...we tried, this is the only way they would take the picture :)
Our little b-ball player (literally)
Nate with Mrs. Rosie!
Group Photo!

Quesadilla (YUM! YUM!)
Nate and Emily playing!

Just Chillin'!
and last but not least...yes that is a corn dog...thanks Emily :)!!!

Here is Nate playing with Miss Sydney and the other kiddos:)!

We are SO exited about the NEW YEAR!

We really feel that this year holds alot of excitement and new voyages for us!

Here's to you and your family!!!

May 2008 be joyful and fun!!!

Oh and Nate stayed up to bring in the New Year agian this year!!! Go Nate!!!

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Dawn said...

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! We love you guys!!!