Nate the Great!

Tony and I often giggle about what we expect our next little one to be like. Why you ask? Well because Nathan is so good sometimes it is scary!!! He really is a GOOD kid! Now of course he isn't perfect :) that would just make me nervous! But he really is a good kid!!! Tony and I were in the mood to go out on Friday night, but wanted to bring Nate with us. So we headed out to Zea in Frisco (which by the way is my new favorite restaurant!). Now if you haven't been there this is not a 'Abacus' type restaruant, but not really a 2 year old restaruant either :) Well Nate goes in, sits down, puts his napkin on his lap and tries lots of new food. He even started grace when we got our food to eat!!!

So we were trying to figure out what to do with Nate to show him just how good he is...and where else to take a little one that Rocks the kiddo behavior... Chuck E Cheese (of course)!!!

Nate had been asking to go back since we went for Adam's Birthday. So off we went to Chuck E Cheeses'. I think the pictures explain how much fun he had :)

Click to play Chuck+E+Cheese

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Don't you just LOVE Zea...YUM!! Nate is just a precious little guy!!

Dawn said...

Check out the last song on my blog playlist!!!