What a husband!!!

Tony & Nate had a mens weekend, while I went to my annual scrapbooking weekend!

I love when this comes up every year! I am not only able to go back to those tiny days of Nate(yes I am a little behind LOL), but also spend time with my sister. We always get to chat away with everyone and I truly cherish that time :)!

As many of you know I am really into the digital scrapbooking (in fact I redesigned the blog on Friday of the retreat) but I do also enjoy the traditional scrapbooking as well :) I have to say that it is truly a more time consuming task, but in someways a more rewarding one as well. You have to just go with a design and run with it (no turning back). Where as digitally I can erase and or rearrange a million times. So I guess I will have to just be totally addicted and spend my time scrapping both ways :)

So here are the pics of the pages that I worked on ... Enjoy :)

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Dawn said...

Great job!!! I enjoyed spending the weekend with you! Lori says she thinks the next weekend will be in September.