Wow! How fast they grow!!!

In all the books that I have read they always said that kids dramitic play and drawing would change with how much they read. Well Nate is FAR fr0m reading (thankfully) but he IS singing his ABC's all by himself now and I can already see the difference in his drawing and dramitic play!!! Below are some pictures of Nate in a full play sequence and also his first drawing that represented what he actually drew. Nate has been drawing us as a circle for months, but this weekend he started to add features. The drawing is of me and if I do say so myself it is an awesome portrait :) It is crazy how things progress so quickly!!!
In the DP with the car Nate was driving his car around the game room when he said, "Oh No!"
Mama: What's wrong?
Nate: I fix my tire (I have no idea where this came from)
Mama: How?
Nate: With my tools (he then went-got is tools-and set them nxt to the car-had me help with his belt and went to work)
Mama: You fixin' your car Nate?
Nate: Yes! Fixin car with PawPaw
Mama: What's wrong with the car?
Nate: Ummmm (yes he says umm now :)) I fix PawPaw tire
Mama: Nate will you smile for the camera? (yes I was snappin pics the WHOLE time)
Nate: No Mama I serious!!!

Nate workin away :)

Lookin under the car

Whistle why you work

No Mama I serious!!! (I could eat him UP!!!)

Dukes of Hazard moment!

All fixed! Off he goes!

Nate drawing mama!

He erases QUICKLY so you have to be fast!!!

Mama! Looks just like me :)

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Those are great. I love the "No, mama I serious"...that cracked me up!

Deborah said...

He's cuter than Bo or Luke for sure!