Cookin' it with Mama

So Tony had to go to Boston this weekend for a conference he is speaking at (Go Daddy!) and Nate and I were able to spend a fun filled day doing what...shopping of course. Nate has always been a great kid during outings, but know his is just a pure delight! We started off with a "picnic" (eating outside) at La Madeline. It was an absolutely gorgious day! He was SO cute and absolutely fascinated with the baby birds. Nate even pointed out the "MAMA" bird of the group. After we were done we went shopping for daddy (your correct...we did NO shopping for us...ALL for daddy). I think what I find so AWESOME is how I can now have complete conversations with Nate. Before it was me talking and getting one word answers. But now...he asks me questions and really carries on a conversation! We had a BLAST together!!! When we were exhausted from shopping we headed home. Nate and I played with ALL our might until...we both got a little bit of a sweet tooth. SO being totally bored with the GS cookies we have we decided to make some of our own. Nana's Famous Chocolate Chip cookies of course (you can be jealous now)! I LOVE cooking with Nate. He is so intense and really has fun when he is in the kitchen. Well the phone rang and mama had to turn her back and answer it...

next time I will definetly talk to Nate about leaving everything down...he didn't even know I had a camara :) I think he got this idea from PawPaw :)
Waiting patiently for the first batch to come out...

I can eat it now mama?

And yes...that is a fork you see...he gets that from his mama! I love hot chocolate chip cookies, but Hate MESSY HANDS :)

So Tony is away for a couple more days and I am sure we will have tons more stories of our weekend. Stay tuned...

P.S - We miss you dada, but we sure are proud of you!!!!


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Dawn said...

Good job on those cookies, Nate. They look delicious!!!