Crazy say what?!?

The weekend ended with Nate I heading off to the mall to eat and play (o.k maybe shop a little too)! Sunday was not as pretty as Saturday so we stayed in most of the day and snuggled. Nate is a lot like me in the way that he likes to be on the go (Tony's always on the go :)). So we stayed in as long as either of us could stand and then off we went...

Nate is getting himself fully dressed now...once he chooses the outfit...that is the outfit :)

"You ready go mama?"

MMMMM...Which wich! Our fav at Willow Bend!

This is usually our Sunday hangout after church with Dada. Nate loves the equipment, I like the equipment, but I LOVE Pumpkin Patch!!!

Go Nate Go!!!

So we come to today...Nate woke up very confused. "Is the sun up?" this is what we have told him to look for before he comes downstairs :) This really helped the 4:30 alarm clock at the side of the bed :) We told him that we can't get up until the sun wakes up...so every morning we hear, "Is the sun up? Yeah!!! The sun up, I up!!!"

Well he was confused because the sun was not up, but mama had to get to work :) He kept looking outside and rubbing his eyes. Tony ROCKS and takes him in every morning. (Love you honey) Nate finally came too - I hope this doesn't set the alarm for tomorrow :)

After a days work and fun at Mrs. Abir's house we had dinner with Mimi and G-dad! YUM! Thank you Mimi and G-dad!!!

So on our way home what happens... IT STARTS TO SNOW!!!!

Sorry I know the pics aren't that great...but thats as far as I go :)

Backyard...I hope it stays so that I get pics of Nate tomorrow! I know it's Texas :)

But isn't it beautiful!!!

O.k so here are a couple random pics I just had to add!

"Mama I fly...I superman!" I have NO idea how he knows Superman already!!!

Cookie Monster Face! How do I NOT eat that up?!?


2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Very cute! The girls got a kick out of the snow too.

mblance said...

Nate is sooo cute...I can't believe how big he is getting!