Don't feed "THAT" animal!!!

I have to admit that Nate was dragged around town all week, so Tony & I decided to take Nate to the Fort Worth Zoo on Friday!!! Um...I had never been before, but can I just say AWESOME! We left the painters to the house and cruised to FW where we were met with people who I guess had the EXACT idea we did. At first we both gave each other the "what were we thinking" look. But you would never believe the parking spot we got (they were parking across the street) and we parked RIGHT infront of the entrance (I was able to visit the car twice while still in line for tickets...LOL) - this really only makes a difference at the end of the day when you have an exhausted 2 1/2 year old. The day only got better from there. We just sat back and enjoyed ourselves. everyone said we couldn't get through it in one day...but we DID! With time left to spare!!! We saw the primates first and then went on the train (Nate thought this was the COOLEST thing ever!) The train took us to the Texas exhibits and we walked back. This was perfect since everyone else was going the other way!!! Nate did SO awesome! He wanted to see EVERYTHING and except for the Lion that ROARED right when we stepped up he thought everythng was really FUN!!! This was definetly a trip that Tony and I will talk about for years to come. We don't know if Nate will remember it in a couple of months, but it really etched a GREAT memory in my mind!

Also if you click on the double square the slide show grows to your monitor. I LOVE this since the pictures are sometimes hard to see :) Here is a video of the Lion...you can see that Nate was NOT to fond of the Lion!!!


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Dawn said...

WOW!! It looks like y'all had a great time!! I LOVE the video!! Nate looks so excited to see everything! The picture of Tony and his not-so-distant cousin was priceless!!!