Easter Pictures with our two favorite girls!

Dawn and I headed off to the mall on Thursday to get a photo done for Nana and Paw Paw for Easter. The kids were AWESOME and really patient (they triple booked us). I have to say that the kiddos did really well with one another and took only one picture for each position...so what you see is what she took! It was alot of fun!!!

Nate...this will not be the only time you are the first dressed :)

We look FABULOUS!!!
Too CUTE!!!
Nate was telling Gwynie how beautiful she looked!Don't you agree!!!
Picture Dawn took while we were waiting!

Gwynie trying to help in the restroom...she looked at the hand towles a little funny...Now we know why :)!!!

Picture of Gracie, Gwynie & Nate that Nana and Paw Paw received!
This was a cute one aswell
Aren't the BEAUTIFUL!!!
Nate Easter 2008

Easter 2006

Nate on the same chair that he was sitting on in 2006...now it is 2008...doesn't he look old!!!


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Dawn said...

We had a fun time at the mall with you guys! I think Nana & Paw Paw were very happy with their gift!