Don't worry we have plans for an ARK under works!

Pinch me...this can't be the "Texas Spring Break"! The worst storm (rain) in Texas history! It canceled 1000 flights and created a LAKE in our back yard. Nate was very confused all day...he would tell me "the sun up and then look for the sun". Poor thing he was really wanting to play outside today :(. We made the best of it though!

This is the backyard...midday :)


The ball is TOTALLY floating in the back of the yard...Did I mention 5"?!?

What do you mean I can't go out?!? Do you know what this means???

Nate thought his Super Star lunch was pretty cool!

Thanks Nana and Paw Paw...this is Nate's favorite new book!!! It really has shown his vocabulary...we have yet to find something that he doesn't know!!!! Little Smarty!!!

He kept saying "Choo Choo on me!!!"

Nate ridin' into the sun set!

My serenade from Nate...It is really cute how serious he gets when he talks about or plays music...he even creates a band when he sings. He always tells us what we need to play - I g-tar, you drums, and Dada horn. It moves around, I like when I get to be the piano, it's my favorite:)! Although air "g-tar" isn't bad either!!!

I can't go without telling the story of dinner. Tony swung by and picked us up since we were "trapped" all day. At Supper Tony asked Nate how his day was.

Nate: I play with Mama

Dada: What did you play?

Nate: With my toys upstairs

Dada: What all did you play?

Nate: Fie tuck, choo-choo, and big ball

Dada: Did you have fun?

Nate: Yes...Mama tell me No, Alot!!!

Dada: Laughing Hysterically



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