What have we been up to?!? Well...

Snow "week" ended with Tony coming home and us trying to spend sometime at home with Nate. March is always CRAZY with different weekend activities and this one has definetly shown to be the same. With no pictures to post we had Keno and Girls Night out this month...I know Cara has some pics but I totally forgot to bring my camara. It was really great to hang out with the girls and and WIN...thats right...I won some great picture coasters for all those fab photos that need a coaster ;)! I have always liked picture coasters because they start conversation:)!

So on Saturday before last Uncle Mike, Nana and Paw Paw came in to play with Nate. Unckie Mikes as he is called around our house joined Tony and I for our Annual Savor Dallas Weekend. This one definelty did not disappoint. they moved the location this year and WOW!!! It was AWESOME! There were (count them) 3 levels of Spirits and Wine for us to taste and some Savory food inbetween. We had some great wines this year (favorite being from the Paso Del Robles (Central California) region). My favorite tasty treat came from Sushi Samba (It was OUT of this world) We will definetly be having a date night there soon!!!! This is ALWAYS a blast to attend and we already are making plans for next year :)!

Tony & I ... Mmmmmmm

Mike, Nick & Rosie (Our Awesome friends that are ALWAYS up for the weekend)

Nick and Rosie and Sushi Samba (I seriously have had withdrawls from this booth!)

Some fun dancers that I guess I decided to take pics of :)

We stayed on the GOLD floor of the hotel...thats right...they over booked so we got bumped up...Mike would have liked the room if the roll away wasn't vertical (ISJ)(At least they had straps Mike...I mean it was the Gold Floor and we did have our own lounge :))

Nate and Gracie had a BLAST!!!

Sick I KNOW!!! He tells us that he is on the Net!!!

Well that leads us to this last weekend. Saturday was the "Annual St. Patty's Day Parade". So we headed down to Merideth's house for the festivities!!! It was a Leprechauns heaven! We had way TOO much fun!

Timbo and Chris (Cara's in back)

John & Me

Gotta Love'm

Trevor & Chelle

Shardie, Shar, Shar, Shar!!!

Jill and Me

Me, Jill & Bev at Stans!

That is exactly what we have been up to. Just being fun and busy! Sorry for missing the Crawfish Tim and Sharon :( Hopefully we can make it next time! We missed everybody!!!


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