Happy Birthday Gracie!!!

We were SO excited to get to celebrate Gracie's 5th birthday this weekend! Nana and Paw Paw came in and we were able to spend Saturday with everyone! Nate absolutley idolizes Gracie so we know he was in HOG Heaven :). It is REALLY neat to see the kiddos play, they are so sweet to one another and play great together! I have some pictures...but I have to share a story from tonight. We took Nate to dinner and icecream tonight. Well, our waitress laid the bill by Nate. Nate picked up our tab and said I pay...I pay. He opened it up, looked it up and down, then went for his "wallet". He then looked at me and said, "where my money?" "My money gone mama!!!"
Tony handed him the card and Nate put it in without missing a beat!!! He then handed the bill to the waitress and said "I pay". Little Turkey!!!


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Dawn said...

Thanks for everything this weekend!! I love Nate's dinner story, that is too cute!