What a way to end a weekend!!!

I know, I know, bad Blogger!!! Well I wish I could catch up tonight but I waited to get on to late :) So it will have to wait...

We did have a wonderful weekend however! It was more productive than "fun". We worked together and if I do say so myself the house is looking pretty good :). Tony took us over to Mardels after our long day of work on Saturday and we got a new panting for the fireplace. Tony always makes fun of me because ha says anyone could come into our house and "read" our family. I have to admit that I do LOVE word art!!! Infact it is my new passion with scrapbooking! But this painting to me says SO much more, with the line The Lord provides gently written at the bottom of a beautiful table scape it reminds us that we need to "Give it all to the Lord and he WILL provide!"

Well after such hard work what is better than chilling with your family? A nice long bath of course! And that is exactly what Nate got!!! He really enjoys his bathtime now and I couldn't help but get pictures of my little wet Monster!


2 Quick thoughts:

The Megster said...

Hey Kathy! I've really enjoyed reading about your family. Looks like you all are having a blast. I also like your creative backgrounds. Any chance you could help me out???

Amanda said...

I love reading your blog - you are always so creative with your photos! :)