Can I hear it for Mother's Day!?!

WOW!!! What an AWESOME weekend!!! We had a pretty busy one...but it was WONDERFUL!!!

I was truly showered with love and gifts from Nate and Tony on Sunday!

Do you want to see my favorite one???

Fun new clothes...Nope -Keep Going!

A 250 GB hard drive...my computer is alot happier (and now you know why I am just getting to posting)...Can you say d-ow-n-l-oa-d...but not quite - Keep Going!

My new Samsung Glyde??? - I'm in hog heaven - But keep going!!!

Here is MY favorite gift!!!

How do I not EAT HIM UP!?!? I am so lucky to be the mama of this little boy! He is sooo kind and sweet!!! I want to give him kisses, kisses, kisses!!!

After church on Sunday we all went for brunch at my favorite place - Jaspers! YUM!!! It was sooo goood!!! Nate made me a flower out of his placemat that they gave him! It actually looked like a flower...sweet pumpkin!

My flower from Nate

A snapshot of kisses for mama!!!

How can you tell he's mine?

Thank You NATHAN and DADA for a wonderful Mama's day!!!

HAPPY Mama's day MAMA!!!


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Dawn said...

I am so glad you had a great day!!! My day was great too...I got an iPod Nano, Yeah!!!