What a weekend!

It is quiet in the house now as everyone is napping, but yesterday was CRAZY!!! We got to have the girls over this weekend and we had a BLAST!!! Dawn headed to Canton on Saturday and we spent the day outside with the kiddos. They all have such a great imagination and turn everything into something else. Tony and I had a great time watching them play.

My school had their carnival this weekend so when Dawn got back in we headed up to play some games. You will ALL be excited to know that Tony and I won a wine tasting for 40!!! That's right...PARTY BUS BABY!!! We will be giving out more details soon... We all forgot our camaras (I know what kind of blogger am I?), but there were tons around so I will have to update with those pics soon. I hope everyone had a great weekend and enters the week relaxed and ready for some rainy days ahead. I have to say that God's beauty shined this weekend, for it was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Have a great week!

Here are couple new pages that I have made:

Just a simple 2 yr old pic :)

A fun pic of the kiddos after Gracie's Birthday Party!

2 Quick thoughts:

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for watching the girls. They had a GREAT time!

mblance said...

I love the scrapbook pages! They are so cute! I can't believe how big Nate is getting!